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Unique horse barn apartments and barns with living quarters

Hxxxf Front Right 2C Rendering

The increasingly popular Barn/Apartment arrangement makes sense in the case of a number of living scenarios.  The apartment quarters can be utilized as temporary housing until the "big house" is built upon retirement, or as guest quarters, as a rental, or groom's quarters.  The utility and cost savings of incorporating human and equine habit into one structure is obvious.

Karl has here attempted to assign a difference between Barn Apartments and Hunt boxes.  While they are very similar in function, generally, by his definition, Huntboxes are smaller, with four stalls or less and three bedrooms or less.  

What ever size works for you, Karl will come up with a design that is fitted to your needs.  Give him a call.  He would be happy to come to your Aiken residence and discuss your ideas for making your barn just right for both you and yours.

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