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About Us

Actually, it would be more correct to say “about Karl”, as and Aiken Residential Design are owned and operated as one man companies. 

After 35 years of experience in the residential construction industry, and over 25 years as a builder, Karl decided to hang up his tool belt 5 years ago and devote himself to full time residential design.  With 20 years of experience with CAD software and a comprehensive knowledge of residential construction, Karl has the ability to accomplish two important tasks of residential design.

The first is an ability to express the design in the language of the construction industry.  This is done with the creation of plan sets, once called blueprints, that provide the information needed for builders, subcontractors, suppliers and bankers to do their work.  These documents represent the core work product of the designer.

But often times these plan sets are both confusing and overwhelming to the home owner. Information is of no value if written in a language foreign to the reader. And with a life’s savings at stake, the owners should know clearly what they are getting for their money.

Karl’s extensive CAD expertise allows him to provide the owners with knowledge and understanding of the design through the use of renderings and animations.  Some examples of this are displayed throughout this website. But what is actually possible extends beyond what is shown here.  In his interaction with his clients, Karl provides views of their new home in ways they will never experience in the real world, like look downs from above with the roof removed.

Equally important to the technical abilities discussed above is the fundamental ability to design. It is left to the viewer of this website to assess Karl’s creative talents by browsing around the website and seeing what he has created.  What you might observe is that his designs are intended to be cost effective, practical and energy efficient. He readily admits that he designs from a builder’s perspective. Years of working in the field have told him what works and what to avoid in good design.

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