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The Asymmetric Front Right 800 Rendering

Click here to see a 3d animation of this barn/apartment.

Ever notice how everybodies barn looks the same.  There is a reason for this.  It is the natural consequence of the matrix created by lining up 12'x12' stalls side by side and running a 12' Center Aisle down the middle.  For most, the subsequent design is a logical, and thus, an acceptable outcome.  But to others, it is just plain boring.

So, for those "others", Karl offers The Asymmetric, a barn/apartment that, on the outside appears to be a random arrangement of outbuildings, that overtime, were cobbled together to create a single and unique unit.  And though the character of this barn lies in its implications of a sense of history, it still manages to demonstrate it's contemporary nature with specific styling features.  

Thougtfully organized around a Center Aisle are seven Stalls, a Wash Stall, a Gator Garage, Grain Room, Hay/Storage Room, and a Half Bath.  In addition on the Main Floor Level, is a Tack Room with Laundry and stairs to the Apartment above, and a one car Garage.

On the Second Floor, the apartment features two good sized Bedrooms each with private Bath, a U-shaped Kitchen with eating bar, Dining Room, and Livingroom.  Additional features upstairs are walk-in-closets, a whirlpool and walk-in-shower in the Master Bedroom, a Laundry Closet, and an exterior Deck.

This "center out" design makes variatiions on the basic design easy.  So, for instance, a two car Garage or a larger Tack Room could be substituted without any impact on the overall design.  

If you would like to see this design in greater detail, give Karl a call and set up an appointment.  

2011, Aiken Residential Design, L.L.C.