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The Service to call before you call a Builder.

What is ARD's modeling service ?

Watch this video and learn how your office, retail store, restaurant, factory, government building or residence can be created as a 3d model and finish renderings created for use in website advertising, print advertising, construction planning or placement of Google Earth.

As a demonstration project, ARD has modeled the Aiken County Public Library. Below are two videos of this model. The first shows the library overlaid on to a Google Earth map. This is similar to what it might look like if placed on Google Earth. Google Earth does display topography. And while the degree of accuracy provided may be good enough for a mapping application that encompasses the entire planet, it is less than adequate for more localized modeling purposes. Note the line that runs around the building that is near the base at the South end of the building (to the right as viewed from the front) but rises to about 4' on the North end. This line represents the correct ground level. As can be seen in the first video, as the camera swings around to the North side of the building, the ground level is over 2' too low.

In the second video, a ground model has been created and imported to Sketchup. Applied to this ground model are representative features to include retaining walls, parking areas, trees, bushes, vehicles and people. The lay of the land is more accurate and the portrayal of these features is more consistent with the modeling appearance of the library, making for a more uniform presentation. The creation of a ground model is especially relevant in the creation of models of proposed projects where the existing ground features will be significantly altered by new construction.

Actually, I have included two nearly identical videos below. They only differ in quality of resolution. If you have super fast download speeds or are very patient, watch the first video. Otherwise skip down to the one below.

I would like to thank Mary Jo Dawson and Brian Sanders for their cooperation in providing access and data used in the production this model and these videos.

Higher resolution video, slower download

Lower resolution video, faster download

Below are some additional videos created to communicate design concepts to clients.

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