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The Service to call before you call a Builder.

Design Concept

For the homeowner, the process of remodeling and/or adding an addition can be intimidating.  After all, one's home is his and her's sanctuary.  The idea of strangers coming through the front door with hammers and saws to bust out walls and tear down ceilings would give anyone reason to pause, even if one is not completely happy with the environment of their home as it currently exists.

If one is going to put up with the large disruption to his and her's normal life, not to mention the expense, one should understand at an early point in the decision making process, just what they are going to get as an end product for all the money spent, aggrevation, and inconvenience they are about to put up with.

Why settle for a builder's verbal description of just how great that new addition will look when you can actually see it for yourself even before it has been built? Be an informed consumer!  Utilizing the power of 3d cad, ARD can provide you with the information you need to make the critical decisions.  Decisions that are very difficult and expensive to undo and fix later.  

Below are a couple of examples of before, the design, and after. Click on the images and see for yourself just how the process works to provide the owner with the knowledge and confidence he and she should have before you sign that contract and hand a big deposit check to the builder.

To explore the possibilities for changes to your home, give Karl a call.  He would be happy to come to your Aiken residence and discuss your ideas for making your abode just right for your needs.
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