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Design Concept

This is a good example of a "theme" design.  It was the intention of the designer and owners to develop a design that would connote a sense of history;or, to tell a tale, if you will.

Upon first encountering this home, one might imagine this story line.  The stone-ender garage was the original 17th century residence, but a subsequent generation, having developed a successful business, built a new residence with strong colonial influences.  Later additions linked the two and added more square footage for facilities as they came into common use.  

Of course, the fantasy of a design "story" has to be secondary to all of the practicable considerations inherent in an efficent, comfortable design, suited explicity to the owners' needs.  But, if one whats, why not have both?  

That is why it pays to start with a good designer.  Give Karl a call.  He would be happy to come to your Aiken location and show you this plan and others, or discuss your own ideas for a new custom home.  View the 3d animation of this home below.

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