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Design Concept

This Three Runs Plantation home is a good example of a design structured around very specific design ideas presented to ARD by the owners.  The end product results in a home one would not expect to find in a house plans book because it was designed to suit a particular families needs, not a larger market of potential house plan buyers. 

With thousands of house plans available on the internet, one might think there is one out there that reflects the individual needs, budget and taste of almost everyone.  But when most go looking for that "perfect plan" , they don't find it.  Instead, they find lots of plans that are almost, or kinda close to what they want.

Better to start a design from the ground up. Give Karl a call.  He would be happy to come to your Aiken location and show you this plan and others, or discuss your own ideas for a new custom home.  

Elevation and Sections 1

Elevation and Sections 2

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