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What is a Hunt Box anyway ?

Historically, (late 1700’s), the English Aristocracy utilized small, quaint country cottages as temporary housing while off fox hunting. Often referred to at the time as “hunting boxes”, these seasonal cottages were generally located on large estates with accommodations for both horse and rider.

  Without a definative definition for the term, Karl has chosen to use the term "huntbox" on this site to refer to any building that includes human and equine habitation and has four or less stalls or three or less bedrooms.  Residence with more stalls or bedrooms than above are defined herein as Barn/Apartments. 

Today, hunt box housing appears to apply to a broad equine related demographic.  The hunt box concept is appealing to horse lovers of all disciplines, but here are some of the typical reasons Owners are choosing to build these homes. 

1. Second homes as long term weekend retreats. The opportunity to escape the 9 to 5 world for days at a time and take your horses with you.

2. Second homes as seasonal retreats. Often located in parts of the country seasonally more favorable than the Owners primary residence where a seasonal equine community already exists.

3. Second homes as transitional residence. In anticipation of retirement, these homes provide the first step in a long term plan.  This plan includes building the “big house” on the property upon retirement, and then utilizing the hunt box as a guest house, grooms quarters, or as a rental.

4. Primary residence following life style changes. Ideal for those who’s household size has diminished and are looking to consolidate and simplify their life while concentrating on their passion for their horses.

Any of these scenarios sound like you? If so, you will enjoy touring this graphically rich web site. Have fun.

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