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The Rustic

A brief examination of four wooden horse barn construction methodologies.


Which is best for you? Not only do you have to make that decision, you should make it upon your first visit to a barn designer. If your future plans only require a building that will suit your needs for a few years, and you are on a tight budget, then a pole barn makes sense. If you are thinking beyond yourself, if sustainable construction and conservation is a key imperative to your construction (and life) philosophy, if you see beauty in how things are constructed, or you just wish to have your name as a part of the local historical records 200 years from now, then a timber frame barn might be best.

The middle ground is taken up by the stick frame barn. It represents long term value, at a cost only marginally more than a pole barn. It will represent the best resale value relative to your investment dollars. With equal degrees of Owner care and maintenance, a stick framed barn is likely to out last a pole barn by a factor of 5x while representing a considerable savings compared to the timber frame.

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